Plant City, Fla.-(11/20/2016)-It was a lot of OOOHH that smell and lip smackin' in Plant City for the annual Pig Jam Bar B.Q. Fest. It's a Kansas City Bar B.Q. Society sanctioned event, so the best teams show up.

The smokers were going when I pulled up with Tattoo Lady, Number One Daughter and Too Tall Josh. I love the smell of "Q" in the morning.

Cash is not welcome at Pig Jam. You've got to exchange dollars for Pig Bucks.  We got a lot of Piggies and spent em' all on food. No tee shirts or other stuff.

Tattoo Lady was the first to bite. She loves those roastin' ears of corn. There were giant soft pretzels, beer, wine and other goodies, but the star was the meat. Ribs, pulled and chopped pork, brisket, sausage and more.

You could walk from row to row and watch the teams prep their entries. Some even offered free samples. The walking was a good thing with all of the food intake.

There were tents set up with lots of tables and chairs to sit and pig out. There were bands on two stages to keep the Jam jammin' along. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY PIG JAM PICS