Tampa, Fla.-(Newsradio 970 WFLA)-You hear about traffic crashes every day. The traffic reports on the station are full of them. There are so many accidents that we just tune them out.

My time came the other day as I was making my way to the 970 WFLA studios. I'm riding in the slow lane when all of a sudden I hear a big BOOM. I'm going sideways, across a concrete median and into oncoming traffic. WOW!

I was able to walk away from the crash. My car was not so lucky. It was a gasoline tanker truck that wanted to pull into my lane. 

Through no fault of my own I am now dealing with repair shops and insurance people. It's a paperwork mess. I've also had to get a rental to go to work.

My car is in the body shop. They decided it was repairable. I hope it goes down the road straight when they're done.

I'm thinkin' my next vehicle might be a military tank. It may be the only way to safely navigate the roads around here. Happy Driving!