On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: So now Republicans are championing the fact that Florida Republican David Jolly won the Congressional seat in his district. Yet Mark reminds the audience that just last week the Republican Establishment gave up on Jolly and went against him. They are ticked off because someone with no real political experience - someone that wouldn't stand lockstep with John Boehner, was able to rally conservatives and win. This is a victory for conservatives and we shouldn't allow Republicans to claim it for themselves. The Republican heads didn't care about this race, yet they want to claim victory for it even though they didn't help Jolly win as much as they could have. Also, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee says the Constitution is 400 years old, which shows she doesn't even know what she swears to uphold and defend. Finally, Mark asks the question - if you could go back to pre-Obamacare with your healthcare plan, would you?


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