On Friday's Mark Levin Show: Mark takes issue with some conservatives and libertarians that don't understand the concept of the Constitution. They are wrong to think that even if the Republicans take the Senate things will ultimately change. Mark goes thru the historical context of why the Founder's and Framer's included the Article V option in the Constitution and the importance that they did. Mark talks about the various ways we can see tyranny - be it the courts or from our legislators, and when all else fails, we can bring back power to the states, where it ultimately began. Also, it seems that John Boehner is intent on pushing thru amnesty this year, in spite of the American people not wanting it. Mark says that it's more offensive to be lied to from the Republicans than to from the leftists - at least with the leftists we know what they are doing. We have our own Party scheming against conservatives and Constitutionalists, as they work behind the scenes with Democrats! Finally, Chris McDaniel of Mississippi calls in about his Senatorial run against Sen. Thad Cochran.


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