BY: John Mamola

One of the strengths many around Major League Baseball believe the Tampa Bay Rays posses this season compared to previous years in that much of the 2013 American League Wild Card team is returning for a second season.  The Rays locked in David Price with a one year contract and signed first baseman James Loney to a multiyear deal solidifying a defense that was among the tops in MLB in 2013. 

Tampa Bay Rays owner Stuart Sternberg was a guest of WDAE’s Steve Duemig on Monday live from Tropicana Field, and the head of the franchise was extremely happy to have the same core group returning for another year in Tampa Bay.

“Continuity is important, but by the same token the ability to reinvent yourself is important as well,” said Sternberg.   The Rays owner went on to talk about players who have signed multi year deals that having consistency with the roster helps familiarity with the fan base.  

“For the fans who are watching us on television or coming out to the games.  To see Evan Longoria and David Price and other guys, there’s a certain strength that comes with that,” said the Rays owner.   “To me the most important part was how wonderful they were in the field (on defense).  It was a joy to watch, and I can only dream that they’re going to have a similarly type of season that they had last year.”

The Tampa Bay Rays enter the season with a payroll around $77 million dollars which is 28th out of the 30 MLB teams according to the Associated Press.








Photo Courtesy of John Mamola (WDAE)