Brandon, Fla.-(2/12/2017)-I wanted to update you on the status of my car after it took a hit from a gasoline tanker truck. But, we have changed the web posting tools here at the station and I was locked out for the first several weeks of the transition.

You may recall that my car was in that crash back in December. It's February and it's still not back to normal. After several visits to the collision shop, the body work was done.  But, now there is an issue with the check engine light.

The dealership is working on that issue and was kind enough give me a loaner while the car is in the shop. The loaner is a big red pickup truck. I drive a small car, so the learning curve is big. In fact, it's a big first step just to get up inside the thing.

I've had a couple of trucks over the years, but nothing as large as this.  My old Chevy pickup was small and my Ford Ranchero was more like a car. Just getting through the Walgreens drive thru was a narrow fit. I thought I was gonna scrape the sides of the thing, but made it though.

The parking spots at the nearby grocery store are large enough, but pulling in and out is an adventure.  I do like the view from the cab and the interior is more like a Cadillac than a Ford truck.

I guess I'm a car guy. They're easier to maneuver around. I'm also missing the 30 miles per gallon I get with the four banger. Looking forward to the return of my car, but happy to have something to drive.

I did learn one lesson from the crash. I'm going to lawyer up if I ever get in a crash again.