PLANT CITY, Fla. (970 WFLA)Hillsborough County deputies say one man was charged after a road rage incident in Plant City.

Deputies say it happened Sunday May 25 around 7:45 p.m.

Deputies say the victims were traveling south on County Line road in a red truck approaching Hwy 60 when Roberto Pablo-Sebastian, a passenger in a blue car traveling next to them, began yelling at the victims. 

Deputies say Pablo-Sebastian grabbed the steering wheel of the car and attempted to ram the truck, but victims avoided being hit by the car and turned west onto Hwy 60. 

Pablo-Sebastian again took control of the steering wheel and attempted to ram the truck forcing it to a stop on the grass shoulder of Hwy 60, deputies said, and then Pablo-Sebastian got out of the car and attempted to open the driver's door to get in the truck and hit the victim. But, deputies said the door was locked so Pablo-Sebastian couldn’t get in.

Deputies said the victim feared for his and the passenger's safety and armed himself with a shotgun that was in the backseat. The truck driver pointed the shotgun out of the window into Pablo-Sebastian's face instructing him to back away from the truck, deputies said. That’s when deputies said Pablo-Sebastian refused and grabbed the barrel of the shotgun yelling "shoot me". Deputies said the victim was eventually able to roll the driver's window up as Pablo-Sebastian continued to attempt to get in the truck.

Deputies said Pablo-Sebastian walked back to the car and then deputies arrived and took him into custody where he was charged with aggravated assault.

Deputies said Pablo-Sebastian is in the United States illegally - border patrol placed a hold on Pablo-Sebastian for deportation.

Photo Credit Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office