CLEARWATER BEACH, Fla. (970 WFLA) - A 20-year-old man from Georgia died and another man was pulled from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico by a Clearwater Police Officer.

Authorities say it happened just after 6 p.m. on the northern part of ClearwaterBeach near Idlewild Street.

Officer Christian Zarra was on routine patrol on the beach when he was flagged down and told that there was a swimmer in the water having troubles, according to Clearwater officials. Then, they say he saw and heard the man yelling for help, ran into the water to him, and was able to pull the man, 41-year-old Donald Larry Duncan to the beach.

Officials say Duncan was able to tell Zarra there was a second person who was having trouble in the rough water. Clearwater Fire and Rescue and the Coast Guard were called.

The body of the other man, Ryan Terry, was found shortly thereafter, officials said, while Duncan was taken to MortonPlantHospital for treatment.

Officials say Francois St. Maurice, a 60-year-old cardiologist from Montreal, happened to be in the area of the beach and assisted in treating Duncan. They say another man, Michael Foster of Livonia, Mich., was able to help fire department rescuers find the body of Terry.

Officials say Duncan and Terry worked together in Georgia and were in Florida on vacation with others and had been staying at a hotel in the Orlando area.