A pile of wings at Hooters in Lakeland, Fla.Lakeland, Fla-(7/30/2017)-I've been on vacation. Actually it was a staycation. We pumped the cash back into Florida.

I don't think I've had one of those road vacations in more than a few years. We can't leave the big dog home alone and the vehicles are getting old.

If you were guessing about the pic with this story...Don't. We did make it to Hooters in Lakeland. We also stopped by the new outlet mall in Wesley Chapel one day. We added in three Doc's appointments. Fun Stuff!

A lot of people spend a lot of money to come down here and vacation in the Sunshine State. We get to vacation here for a lot less. We also know where the cheap restaurants are and all the places to avoid.

I'd still like to see some mountains again. Maybe we'll take the hound dog along and rent a cabin out in the woods. On second thought...probably no Hooters there.

Photo by Steve Hall