Rusty, rescue dog from Tampa, Fla

Tampa, Fla.-(5/21/2017)-The Hillsborough County Commission has made the move to stop the sale of sick animals through pet shops. 

Commissioners now will allow existing pet shops to sell pets from only licensed breeders. This helps make sure you'll get a good cat or dog. It'll also encourage the adoption of pets from shelters.

Just check out the Humane Society or Animal Services.  Plenty of unwanted pets here. If you don't adopt, the animal may be put-down. 

First Daughter just adopted a 6 year-old beagle. Rusty has a few problems, but he's got a good home and is getting the care he needs.

My dog is a rescue animal. We got her from the Humane Society. You could hardly want for a better pet. Actually, Libby is a member of the family.

Here's hoping the move works to stop puppy mills. Try adopting the next time you're in the market for a new pal.

Photo by Jerrie Hall