Former Senator Bob Graham Discusses Bush, Mueller And More


  • Former Senator Bob Graham offered his condolences to the Bush family on the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush. 
  • While Gwen Graham is either in the lead or running closely behind Mayor Phillip Levine, the Democratic primary for governor is still wide open as many Floridians still aren't paying much attention to the race. 
  • The former senator described what he views as some of the biggest challenges facing the state of Florida and he explained Gwen Graham's position on the gun issue. 
  • Graham, who worked closely with Robert Mueller after 9/11, gave his impression of the special counsel and how he thinks Mueller is approaching the Russia investigation. 
  • Saudi Arabia's role in the 9/11 continues to be an issue the former senator is passionate about and dysfunction in Congress, along with their inability to anticipate and get ahead of future problems, is also a concern of his. 

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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