Red Tide Update From Captain Mike Anderson

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Host of Reel Animals Saturday on 970 WFLA, Captain Mike Anderson gives the latest details on the red tide outbreak and tells you everything you need to know to be prepared.

Has your area been bothered by the massive red tide outbreak?

Oysters Will Save Us From "Red Tide"?
Oysters Will Save Us From "Red Tide"?
They're going to replenish the Oyster beds that used to exist back in the 1800's to try and fight back - riggie

⚠️ dolphins, manatees, 100 year old sea turtles, & HUNDREDS & hundreds of DEAD sea life has been washing up each day on Florida’s Gulf Coast (my 2nd home) due to RED TIDE ☠️ All of the runoff from farmland and fertilizers have been collecting in Florida’s biggest lake - Lake Ockeechobee - the phosphorus & nitrogen from runoff create an ALGAE BLOOM. & this polluted water has run through rivers into the GULF (naturally the lake water would have flowed down thru the swampy Everglades, naturally filtering itself... however Big Sugar companies turned the Everglades into sugar plantains and the lake water has been blocked off, which is why it’s running through the other rivers) .. This algae bloom not only affects the central nervous system of fish but also causes respiratory and gastrointestinal problems in humans.... (even just from it being in the air) . Imagine being a dolphin swimming in a cesspool, only to come up for air and have it be poor quality .... I don’t believe this has much coverage or is on the main news at all but I am posting to spread to word and make people aware of what is happening RIGHT NOW . It’s the worst red tide Florida has seen in years, if not, ever. #florida #floridagulfcoast #redtide #algaebloom #bonitasprings #pollution #toxiclake #southwestflorida #ecosystem #emptybeaches #emptywaters #ussugar

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