TSA May Stop Screening Passengers At Some Airports

posted by Katie Butchino - 

The TSA is highly considering putting a stop to screening passengers at 150 airports. 

Why and what does this mean for travelers? 

Is there another safety precaution they plan to replace it with? 

A traveler’s service animal hurt itself while getting out of the car at the Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). While it wasn’t showing any signs of pain, it couldn’t put any weight on it’s hind legs. The traveler had an emergency and couldn’t rebook, so she had to make her flight. ... TSA to the rescue! Seen here is one of our TSA officers putting a bin cart to good use. She gave the doggo a VIP ride to its gate. We don’t have any other info, but we hope everything turned out OK for the traveler and the pup. ... #DogsOfInstagram #ServiceAnimals #IAD #Dulles

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What are your thoughts on the possible change? Would you still feel safe traveling?


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