'We Are Q' Emerges From The Internet's Shadows

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NBC News Radio Reporter, Michael Bower - internet's shadows on Tuesday as they showed themselves at the Trump rally. Who are they and what are they trying to accomplish?

To anyone that is new to Qanon or just now hearing it... this is not something you can grasp overnight. The Q movement has been going on since oct.2017. Every post is like doing a book report... lots of research. So before you think anyone that supports Q is not informed.... please think again. Because of Q I know more about world leaders, politics, the law, the past, and everything in between. Any Q follower will say the same, I'm sure of it. Q forces you to answer your own questions... Q is a more like an insanely technical scavenger hunt. Luckily we have anons that dedicate their time to dig through years and years or old information and coded messages to help the average American person (any person for that matter) understand more clearly. "Deranged, cult & conspiracy theorist" are not words I would use to describe myself or anyone else apart of this movement. Q as a family is willing to be wrong and have been wrong in the past (research did not prove our predictions). We are willing to be proven wrong at any moment. To be a conspiracy you wouldn't be able to prove it right? It will take you a while but try and prove Qs accusations to be false. With that being said I am not a right winged person, republican or a conspiracy theorist. I find this incredibly insulting to all the researchers out there dedicating their time and lives to this movement. The movement is spreading 🇺🇸 #wwg1wga #qanon #qanonarmy #thegreatawakening #hisnamewassethrich #weareq #maga #wakeup #

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