What Is Net Neutrality?

posted by Katie Butchino - 

Net Neutrality rules are now repealed, but what exactly is Net Neutrality? 

What does the repeal mean for users?

Net Neutrality is the modern version of the story of Babel. With the help of the internet and social media, people have learned to speak other languages, they have learned about other cultures and beliefs. As a result the populous is awakening. They are becoming aware of the lies. The best way to keep the people from retaliating/revolting and overthrowing those who are opressing us is to cut off our means of communication. That is what net neutrality is ultimately going to do. Get your pens and paper out and prepare to make snail male your primary means of communication once again. Oh and uh. Go back and teach your kida how to write considering that they stopped teaching children how to read and write cursive. That means this generation is unable to read old texts and essentially leaving them illiterate. #wakeup #openyoureyes #prepare #thisisreal #findtheothers #netneutrality #prison #communication #control

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