BROOKSVILLE (970 WFLA) -- After Hurricane Irma, a Florida County sheriff thinks its time for our answer to the "Cajun Navy" that made water rescues and saved lives during Hurricane Harvey in Texas. 

Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis (NEEN-hice) is starting a volunteer unit to assist in rescues after flooding. Hernando just went through Hurricane Irma, but Neinhuis draws his inspiration from the rescuers who responded on their own when four feet of rain inundated parts of Texas. 

"This Volunteer Shallow Water Rescue Unit is designed to utilize citizens... who own flat bottom boats, air boats, ATVs, or trucks to assist in shallow water rescue operations", Neinhuis says. 

Registration is open to any Hernando County resident with a flat boat, air boat, ATV or someting else that could help in a shallow water rescue. Patricipation is voluntary, and participants would be responsible for all costs. 

You can find a link to registration here: