Tampa, Fla-(12/18/2016)-It was tough doing news reports on the fire in the Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg. I have way too many memories from way too many vacations in that town.

My family started taking me to Tennessee when I was a pup. I keep going back. It was the first place my kids got to blast their dad with snowballs. 

We visited Gatlinburg one Thanksgiving. The Christmas decorations were up, the music was playing and it was snowing. It made for a great memory.

Tattoo Lady loved going into all the stores along the main drag (U.S. 441). I just enjoyed looking at the mountains and listening to the water from the streams roar past.

It's amazing that two juveniles could set the fire that damaged the natural beauty, claimed lives and destroyed homes and businesses.

Area resident Dolly Parton has stepped up to donate to the fire victims. She even managed to get some of her country music pals to help raise cash in a telethon.  

The area is open for business and could probably use some help from the flat land tourists. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE ON GATLINBURG

Photo by Steve Hall