Brandon Fla.-(4/27/2014)-I've just been through two bad cases of the tail light blues. It used to be easy to swap out tail lights.  My car is an exception.

My Merc is four years old and is equipped with L.E.D. tail lights. L.E.D.s are supposed to last a lifetime. Would someone please explain to me why I've had both sides burn out in just the past six months?

There's more bad news with these modern lights. You have to replace the entire tail light assembly. Each one weighs in at over $300.

Finding one is not so easy. It took two days for the local Ford dealer to find the first one. None in stock in the Tampa Bay area when number two blew. I think they found one in Alabama, but it was chipped.

It was another week before the replacement came into town. I think I'm good to go, but it was an expensive pain in the booty. How tough would it be to find parts for a foreign car? SEE PHOTOS HERE