On The Swamp, Fla.-(5/3/2014)-I know we've had a lot of rain lately, but it's a good thing. RIGHT? It makes the flowers bloom, puts water back into the aquifer and makes my lawn grow and grow and grow some more.

The only bad part about that growing grass is that I've got to mow it more often. Yep, we're getting back to the lawn mowing season. Forget the hurricane season or baseball season.

My lawn has been known to sprout out so much that I've had to mow as much as twice a week. That's some rough stuff when the heat and humidity make being outside a living HELL.

Last year, you may recall, I bought a used riding mower for $250. It was a great experiment and I learned how to drive one. I just topped that one by burning up the plastic to buy a new lawn tractor. I'm in debt now.

Tattoo Lady thinks a lawn tractor is overkill for the lawn around our cottage on the swamp. But, hey, I'd prefer to fight the war on grass with a tank as opposed to a foot soldier.