On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about the newly released horror stories from former prisoners and people in North Korea that show just how brutal of a dictatorship the country is. It is a warning to everyone out there that they can't stand back and pretend they didn't know the atrocities that were going on, for now there is documented proof about just how much of an authoritarian and inhumane regime North Korea is. Meanwhile, while this is going on, Secretary of State John Kerry has announced that global warming of all things is as big of a threat to us as terrorism, epidemics and poverty. Are you kidding me? Mark calls for John Kerry and Eric Holder to both resign - they are doing nothing to help America and are in fact hurting it more, especially on an international front. Mark also talks about how the RINOs and some Republicans are becoming neo-statists, that they have such a thirst for power and they're willing to throw conservatives under.


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