On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about the history behind the ongoing Cliven Bundy ranch fight and why the BLM has stepped in. Mark says that the government’s original reasoning doesn't hold up anymore because they have contradicted it by saying the endangered tortoises aren't at risk anymore. The reason there are so many Americans sympathetic for Bundy is because they feel for a man that is being attacked and caught in this mess from the overbearing federal government and all it's entities. They see this as an assault by the federal government on our system and our Constitution. The federal government and the BLM says it's just following the law - then why aren't they securing the border, which is also law? It has the power to do that, but it won't and it would rather go after a cattle rancher. Finally, Mark talks about ongoing provocative measures from Russia towards the U.S. and its allies and wonders what is going on here.


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