On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about how global warming was being called climate change and now it's being called climate disruption. The environmentalist left keeps changing the language because their arguments are continually being proved wrong. We already can predict what the left will say - any time there's any climate problems or droughts or hurricanes, the left will automatically blame it on humans and pollution. James Taylor of the Heartland Institute calls in and explains that tens of thousands of legitimate scientists disagree with the KYOTO Accords and say global warming is not man-made. There's no convincing evidence that the release of CO2 by humans is causing the alleged change of the Earth. Also, more news about Benghazi comes out showing that the White House deliberately held back emails that would have given more information as to what they knew and when they knew it. Finally, now that Monica Lewinsky is speaking out Mark provides a flashback to Bill Clinton's contempt charge for his lying regarding Monica and how some of the impeachment hearings went.


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