On Monday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about colleges and how student interest rates are once again going up. President Obama claims to be for future generations, yet why is he destroying them with unending debt and entitlements that they won't be able to afford? Furthermore, why should it be someone else's responsibility to pay for your loans when you're the one that signed off on them? Mark asks why do colleges cost so much - maybe we should stop allowing the tenured professors to have such high salaries. The socialist wants economic dislocation, which will lead to political instability and systematic failure. Also, further balkanization from our politicians as they hope for amnesty, an unsecure border, and a jealous society pitting one against another. Hillary Clinton exaggerates her story about being “dead broke” when she left the White House. Finally, Dave Brat, who is challenging Eric Cantor, calls in to discuss his primary election Tuesday and Cantor’s immigration deal with Obama.



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Obama admin doesn’t even know if new Executive Order on student loans is constitutional

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Obama issues another executive order bypassing Congress

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Holder seeks legal team for children on border

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Illegals Bring Contagious Diseases Across Border – Obama Spreads Them Around Country

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Cantor Wants Youth Amnesty Deal With Obama

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Feds say no end in sight for policy of 'dumping' illegal immigrants in Arizona, Gov. Brewer says

Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrant Minors Sleeping On Plastic Boards, Rotating Through 4 Showers At Shelter

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Obama's two-year 'amnesty' for illegal immigrant minors sparks TWELVE-FOLD spike in numbers pouring across border

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Gutierrez calls on Republicans to act on immigration this month

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Hillary Clinton: "We Came Out Of The White House Dead Broke"

Hillary Received $8 Million in Book Advance Before Leaving White House 'Broke' in 2000

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War Gear Flows to Police Departments

Republicans Seek Revenge Against Ted Cruz

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