On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Mark goes back and looks at the beginning of the Republican platforms from the 1800s. He said they were bold and direct as to what they wanted compared to now where the GOP looks like they don't have a solid plan or ideas. Mark says this is why conservatism will always hold true - because of its' roots within the Constitution, free enterprise and capitalism. The combination of liberty and private property rights is unbeatable when presented correctly, which is why we don't have faith in people like John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. They don't want to pursue or promote the Constitution the way it should be, as we've seen time after time. Mark also talks about the Consumer Protection Financial Board - the CPFB, doing everything but actually protecting consumers. Once again government institutions have gone beyond their legal right and have imposed regulations and laws that will become so entrenched that it will be hard to change them via elections alone. Finally, Paul Kengor calls in about his new book, 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative.


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