On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Howie Carr of WRKO in Boston fills in for Mark. He talks about John Boehner's attack on conservatives regarding amnesty. Apparently conservatives are wrong because they don't want to give into Boehner and the Republican Establishment when it comes to granting illegal immigrant's citizenship and even more rights. We don't know if criminals are coming in and there's no way to check when the borders are wide open. President Obama hasn't done a good job as a President but who are they Republicans going to put up to challenge him? We are told Jeb Bush is one of the front runners, but we need to look at the people and the media outlets that are telling us that. Finally, Howie gives more information on the Justice's opinion regarding the affirmative action case in Michigan.


Cincinnati Enquirer
Boehner mocks colleagues on Congress over immigration reform

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Markey proposal may threaten free speech

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