By Dory LeBlanc


FOX Sports MLB Insider Jon Morosi felt the Rays would go all the way this year before the season started. Now that the current campaign is nearing the halfway point, Morosi said it hasn't been the start Tampa Bay expected, but it isn't time to write them off yet. 

"I had them going to the World Series," Morosi said, "So I'm right there with all the people that look like they're going to be a little bit wrong based on the way the season has played out so far. But that being said, I think the fact that Alex Cobb is back and certainly the Rays are optimistic they're going to get some contributions from (Jeremy) Hellickson at some point in time this season - I don't think it's time to write them off quite yet.

"I realize there's been some talk about, 'Would they move David Price? What type of approach do they take to the trade deadline if they don't recover in time?' And I think those are all very valid questions. 

"But I also think in the American League East, there's not really a dominant team that looks that's well on their way to winning the Division, so I think for them, they can wait and see how it plays out a little bit before they have to make the final decision."

Morosi went on to say the injuries have been very difficult for the Rays in the first two months of play this season and because of the lack of payroll funds, the team can't fill the holes by adding depth the way many other teams can. Morosi also believes the Rays drafted several players who have not lived up to expectations - which has added to the depth issues. 

To hear everything Morosi had to say to Ian Beckles this morning, including what he ultimately feels will happen with Price, the attendance situation, and how the Rays' farm system is viewed around the league, click the iHeart player below:






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