BY: John Mamola

The cost of baseball is rising as each and every season passes as the pressure to afford the best players continues to go up.  The Los Angeles Dodgers are this season’s king of payrolls as they set an MLB record with an opening day payroll of $234 million dollars according to a study by the Associated Press.

While the large market teams continue to outspend each other year in and year out, the Tampa Bay Rays motto has always been to spend wisely than overspend.  Rays General Manager Andrew Friedman joined WDAE on Monday from Tropicana Field, and said while the payrolls around MLB continue to rise the Rays will continue to do what has been successful for them.

”The disparity (between large and small payrolls) only going to get bigger,” said Friedman.  “The important thing for us is to never pretend like we’re (Rays) someone we’re not.  As long as we maintain that discipline and continue the pipeline of good young players coming, we feel we have a chance to compete even in this division.”

The Rays enter the season with a $77 million dollar payroll which ranks last among all American League teams, yet most experts and analysts believe the Rays to be a World Series contender once again.







Photo Courtesy Of John Mamola (WDAE)