BY: John Mamola

It’s no secret that the Tampa Bay Rays season so far has been a disappointment from top to bottom. The combination of injuries to key players and under performing both in the pitching and offense departments have the Rays off to a historically poor start to a 2014 campaign which had so much promise.

Of course with any struggling team the focus becomes more on the stars of the franchise, and namely Evan Longoria who although hasn’t missed a game this year is struggling at the plate.  ESPN’s Jayson Stark joined WDAE’s “The Sports Page” on Wednesday and said that according to those he has talked to about Longoria, he believes there is something more behind Longoria’s slow start to the season.

“I’ve been talking to scouts who has been following and covering that team, and when they watch Evan Longoria now they see a guy who’s not using his legs at all,” said Stark.  “Who’s not driving the ball from his core at all.  He’s basically slapping the ball around with his arms.”

Longoria currently is batting below his career average (.265) with only five home runs and 23 RBI in 59 games played. 

“To look up on June 4th and see Evan Longoria with 13 extra base hits, that either tells you that his swing mechanics are incredibly messed up or he’s got some issues with his legs that he’s not telling us about I think,” said Stark.







Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images