BY: John Mamola

It has been a very rough start to the Tampa Bay Rays 2014 baseball season as the team finds itself nearing Memorial Day with the worst record since the days when the organization was called the “Devil Rays.”  Following the ninth time in team history they’ve pitched a one hit ballgame but the first of those nine to lose the game, the Rays find themselves at 19-28 with a growing distance between their place in the AL East and the rest of the division.

With the lack of early success, speculation begins to ramp up for the future of Rays starting pitcher David Price who is highly rumored to be traded by the team by the trade deadline if the team continues to falter.  Former MLB General Manager Jim Bowden, now working for ESPN, says that Price is as good as gone if the team cannot get out of its current slide.

“I do think that Andrew (Rays GM) has to trade him by July 31st, because I don’t think he can go to the off season with him (Price),” said Bowden.  “That being said if they win twelve in a row or if they’re in first or second place, he’s not going anywhere.  But if they’re where they are now by July 31st, he’s gone.”

Bowden says that the Rays will need to lower the bidding price for the services of David Price because Price, in Bowden’s estimate, should have a similar price of what former Rays pitcher James Shields had.  According to Bowden, Rays fans need to hope Price turns his 4-4 season around fast or else the bidding price will be even lower.

“The price has to be lowered some and if he doesn’t pitch better it may be even lowered less than that,” said Bowden.  “If you’re a Rays fan you really got to root for David Price to get hot.  I hate to say that baseball is like the stock market but it really is.  If David Price can put four great starts together, his value will go way up because there are going to be more buyers at this deadline that we’ve seen in ten years.”







Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images