By Tom Krasniqi

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It took two years for the Bucs to unveil their new jerseys.  Like many of you, my initial reaction was-- are you kidding me?!

I woke up on Monday morning in a grouchy mood.  I admit, I'm not a morning person and hey, it's Monday.  Maybe I was suffering from a case of the Mondays?  You can make that argument.  My phone was buzzing with tweets, texts and emails.  I said to myself-- what the heck is going on?

I find out that the Bucs had taken the plunge.  After changing up their helmet and logo a couple of weeks ago, the team worked with Nike to change their uniforms for the first time since the 90s.

When I first saw the layout involving Doug Martin decked out in the white jersey, I was mortified.  I immediately harkened back to Vince McMahon years ago when he attempted to start up his own football league.  I remember him on opening night yelling-- "This is the XFL!!"  The uniforms was ugly.  Lakeland native Rod Smart had an original name on the back of his jersey-- "He Hate Me."  

Initially, I thought the team incorporated too many color schemes-- red, pewter and now creamsicle with the white road jerseys.  There was too much going on.  It looked like a kindergarten finger-painting project.  The biggest problem I had was the red numerals which resemble my alarm clock.  Tacky to say the least.  

As the day worn on, I let it sink in a bit.  Then, I saw the video of Martin and Gerald McCoy showing off the red jerseys.  I thought to myself-- OK, I can get used to this.  The word "Bucs" across the side of the jersey near the shoulder pad worked.  The white lettering looked more defined.  I like the red jerseys.  White ones?  Not so much.

Maybe I should reserve judgment until I see the white jerseys up close in person?  I can do that.  Bucs fans have mixed feelings.  The reaction was overwhelmingly negative to begin with.  Maybe we should all take a wait-and-see approach.  At the end of the day, it comes down to who's wearing the uniforms and not the uniforms themselves.  If the Bucs turn their fortunes around and starting winning games, fans will be happy.