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The 2014 NFL season is still months away but that has not stopped Buccaneers fans from questioning the new regime's decisions.

Quarterback Mike Glennon became a hot topic again this week after he told the media at the conclusion of practice that he has known about the team's future plans for quite some time. He even told us that head coach Lovie Smith informed him that the trade rumors were not true. That started a flurry of anger and disappointment among many, bringing up his performance (specifically his progressions) from 2013.

Going back and looking at the majority of his games from last season along with his stats, things looked different as the season went on. How so? Well when he made his first start, people raved about Glennon's progression and good ball distribution. Receptions among players held steady at around three to five each. Targets were close in range also. But after the loss to Carolina in Week 13, receptions and targets started favoring tight end Tim Wright and wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

Looking over the film from those games, you can visually see changes as well. Progressions were minimized, zoning in on targets became apparent. Things that former quarterback Josh Freeman did that resulted in errors and failure. But it all points back to the previous staff.

Former head coach Greg Schiano emphasized getting Wright and Jackson involved "more" in the passing game in his press conferences as the season went on. It was also an offensive staff that did not feel the need to "coach a quarterback" once they hit the pros.

During Bucs mini-camp and OTAs, you see a change in Glennon's release. Perhaps some other mechanics are changing as well. Could it be that this new coaching staff is actually coaching players?

Before we continue to criticize the team for deciding to stick with Glennon and label him as the franchise's future, let's see what this coaching staff can do with him. They feel they have enough reason to stick with him moving forward so let's stop bringing up his past under a regime that had everything wrong going for them. Those days are over.





















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