BY: John Mamola

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers family and fans continue to mourn the loss of team owner Malcolm Glazer, the other side of the pond was still yet to react to Mr. Glazer’s passing.  The Glazer family bought the English Premier League team Manchester United in 2005 in a controversial takeover that was heavily criticized by a large section of their fans for loading debt onto the club.

BBC reporter Craig Wall joined WDAE’s ‘The Sports Page’ on Friday morning live from London to discuss how the soccer club reaction to the news of Mr. Sterling’s death.

“The only reaction we’ve (BBC) actually had from the club was a 75-word statement offering the club’s condolences to the Glazer family,” said Wall.  “We are led to believe that is because they (Manchester United) don’t really want to inflame hostilities with the supporters.  So it’s been a very simple statement obviously offering their condolences.”

To read Manchester United's statement, click here.

Manchester United are one of the world's richest soccer clubs in Forbes' most recent rich list with a value of $2.81 billion -- and are one of the globe's best-supported teams.

The hostilities that Wall referenced is the Glazer family had to borrow money to complete his takeover, which caused the deal plunging the club into over $1 billion worth of debt overnight.

Protests were widespread with fans burning effigies of Glazer outside the stadium, but despite this animosity United's success on the field endured. With the club winning five English Premier League titles after Glazer's takeover, as well as the coveted European Champions League crown in 2008.








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