BY: John Mamola

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have tough decisions to make with the NFL calendar beginning in less than one week.  The Buccaneers have reportedly committed $114 million dollars in cap spend for the 2014 season, and likely $6 million in salary cap rollover.  Therefore according to ESPN’s Pat Yasinkas, the Buccaneers should have around $22 million in cap space this season.

However salary cap cuts are coming for the Buccaneers before the team can go and spend on whomever they wish.  The main suspect of these coming cuts have surrounded around the $16 million that Darrelle Revis is set to make in 2014, launching the national media into a firestorm on if the 29-year old Pro Bowl corner could be traded.

NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes joined WDAE’s ‘The Sports Page’ on Tuesday morning and said while he is a big fan of Revis, he wouldn’t pay him the number on his contract.

“I am one of one of the President of the Darrelle Revis’ fanclub, but you cannot pay a cornerback sixteen million dollars,” said Dukes.  “You cannot pay Darrelle Revis and if you have to let him go, than you have to let him go.  You just can’t have a guy making that kind of coin playing cornerback.  I could get ten (million) and that’s a reach.  It’s not about his skill, it’s what the game has changed and evolved into.”

Dukes believes that Revis plays much like hall of fame corner back Deion Sanders where they shut down a certain percentage of the field of play.  The NFL Network analyst believes the game has evolved so much between the two superstars and the era in which they played that Revis’ percentage of the field that he “shuts down” is far less than what Sanders “shut down” when he played.


Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images