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It was pretty obvious that the majority of people that have seen the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ new uniform are not in favor of it. From saying the color scheme doesn’t work to the numbers look like a digital clock, every possible negative reference about the uniform change was said.

Point taken. Unfortunately, many are missing the big picture.

This goes beyond a logo enhancement, beyond a different shade of pewter, and beyond a different look to the uniforms. This is about the organization wanting to go in a different direction. 

For years many have complained about the team: Losses, salary spent, players signed. You name it, it’s been complained about. Bucs’ Co-Chairman Edward Glazer said during the Monday afternoon conference call that this change has been in the works for quite some time. What does that mean? The organization has been wanting to go in a different direction. 

This isn’t a fashion contest, this is football. What you see Gerald McCoy and Doug Martin modeling in the photos and the video revealing the new look is what you will see them in for years to come, resembling that new direction the organization has been wanting to take. That’s what the bigger picture is here.

The Buccaneers wanted something fresh and unique to go along with a new regime and a new future. They wanted to get rid of anything that may have resembled any previous regimes and move forward with a new feel — from top to bottom.

You don’t have to buy their jerseys because you see them as the ugliest uniforms. The team still has to step out on the field with that “ugliness” and play. That’s what they plan on doing. Get used to it.





Photo: Tampa Bay Buccaneers