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Remember that earthquake cause by the fans excitement in Seattle when Marshawn Lynch sealed the deal in the playoffs when he took it to the house a couple seasons ago? Well, if Tampa Bay was Seattle, that could have happened last night when the Bucs selected someone not named Johnny Manziel.

The masses are out in full force and are disappointed in the Bucs not selecting Manziel. But the selection of Mike Evans shows that they have a plan.

If the Buccaneers felt they truly needed a quarterback, they would have pulled the trigger on Manziel. The fact that they didn't proves they are content with what they have now and perhaps going forward. Especially after head coach Lovie Smith said Glennon is the quarterback of the future.

The Bucs didn't pass up the opportunity to draft a player who can come in right away and play, a theory that has been written a few times on Evans may not be a guy that will "wow" many but the team has already stated they have plans for him. And from that angle, that's encouraging.

Evans is not Sammy Watkins, he's not Manziel, but he is a guy that will make an immediate impact. The team has done their research and feel he is the right fit. He may not have been their top player on their board, but he obviously was listed above a quarterback.






















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