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The first day of training camp for the USF Football team was alive and full of energy. Defensive Coordinator Chuck Bresnahan was teaching technique with the Linebackers on one end of the field and Offensive Coordinator Paul Wulff was working on pass protection at the other. But the real story on campus is who is going to line up as the Quarterback in Coach Willie Taggart's 2nd season as USF's Head Coach.

Sophomore Mike White and Junior Steven Bench split 1st Team reps today and both players did a great job of displaying their talents on the field. White has a strong arm and is really patient in the pocket. Bench is a ball of energy who is adept at throwing on the run and firing up his teammates.

The beauty of this competition is that these two athletes are very supportive of one another on and off the field.

"Steve's a great guy. He's helped me ever since I got here. We hang out off the field and play video games together," White said.

You can tell that these guys aren't just being politically correct when they talk. They aren't just teammates, they are friends. With that being said, there can only be one guy that plays.

"We have a good friendship. Off the field we're best of friends, on the field we're competing for a job," Bench stated.

Those two weren't the only ones slinging the pigskin around today. Coach Taggart also was out there throwing out routes and running sprints.

"I had to go out and show them Coach T could throw a little ball here and there," Taggart said.

Taggart says the Quarterback decision will come in the next 2 weeks. With both guys splitting reps equally, it will really come down to performance in Camp to see who gets the nod in Week 1.





Check out some photos from camp: