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A linebacker core, which suffered injuries last year, looks to stay healthy and be more dominant in 2014.

Hans Louis was among the linebackers who suffered injury last season. He tore his ACL in his right knee in the second-to-last game vs UCF. Such an injury can keep somebody out of the game for quite a long time. Louis is on the practice field though, and says he feels good.

"I feel pretty good, I did a lot of rehab, the trainers did a good job of helping me rehab and get back. They've been pushing me a lot and helping me out a lot. So I'm feeling good, pretty good. It's been seven months, so it's pretty impressive that I'm out here," said Louis.

Linebacker coach, Raymond Woodie, says Louis looks great now.

"He's playing more with agility," said Woodie. "In the beginning when he had the surgery, they have to progress to a certain level and all he could do was go straight. But now you can see some movement laterally as well. So I think he's really going to be a contributor this year. A lot of people are counting him out, but he's a hard, hard blue collar type worker, and with rehab he's doing the right things and you can see it on the field."

There are also some younger guys in the linebacker core looking to contribute. Among them is Auggie Sanchez, who was a redshirt freshmen last year. Sanchez he feel more comfortable since the spring.

"I'm real comfortable now. I know the defense now and I'm in coach Woodie's office all the time just trying to learn, just trying to get better."

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