storm 5things

Once a major storm has passed here are 5 things you should do:

1: Contact your loved ones. Your loved ones have been watching the news and social media and are most likely worried about you. A quick group text message to family and close friends will help give them immediate relief. Social media should be your next method of communicating that you are safe. Sharing a photo with them will often help prevent 100 questions about your experience. Let them know how you are affected and if you need help, how they can help. 


2: Document any damage. If you had damage to any of your property make sure you document it before cleanup crews start their job. Your insurance company will want photos of the damage and so will you. 


3: Proceed with caution: Many times after a major storm power lines are down, standing water is on the roads and tree limbs are all around you. Move slowly and get familiar with your new surroundings. If a power line is down near you report it to your local power supplier. Avoid walking in or driving in standing water as you never know how deep the water is or what is below the surface. 


4: Check your supplies: You never know what lies beyond your home. Gas stations could be out of gas, grocery stores could be closed or damaged. Look at what you have in your emergency supply kit and make a plan to maximize your supplies should your area have extreme damage. 


5: Remain aware: Stay tuned to your local radio station or use the iHeartRadio app to find a local news source for updated information. If you are looking to help out your local community contact FEMA to find out how to volunteer or donate. 


Photo Credit: Getty Images