WEBB’s WORLD 4/20/2017

It looks like we may be going to war with North Korea. I posted something to that fact yesterday on Facebook and got a few responses that were nervous about engaging the fat tyrant.

Let me give some back ground on Kim Jung Un’;

May 2015 he orders the murder of his grieving aunt, still mourning the death of her husband, Kim’s Uncle

February 2017 Kim orders the death of his half brother at an airport with a nerve agent.

That’s what Kim has done to his family, and you don’t think he is dangerous enough to snuff out?

Look at a satellite image of North and South Korea at night. South Korea is all lit up, shinning, thriving with people enjoying freedom, freedom to become as wealthy as they possibly can. North Korea is dark, conserving what little electricity the country provides to its dependent lot. Misery, these poor people know what rough is. But the fat emperor dines on the finest wines and meals.

Kim Jung Un’ is worse than his father and grandfather were. AND, he’s he not dealing with a full deck. He’s freaking nuts and fully capable of starting a nuclear war.

That’s How I see it!