PALM HARBOR, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Pinellas County deputies were called to a rather unusual rescue – a doe needed to be helped out of someone’s home pool spa.

Deputies responded to the Palm Harbor home and along with a trapper.

PCSO says this happened around 10 a.m. Thursday morning on Radcliffe Drive in the Lansbrook subdivision.

Deputies say the small doe ran through the pool screen and fell in. Then, the homeowner called the sheriff’s office and said the deer had apparently been knocked unconscious and that when the deer regained consciousness, it could not get out of the spa on its own.

PCSO says two deputies came to the house and later a trapper. Together, they lifted the doe out of the spa.

Once out, the deer sat down, got its bearings, and ran off into a nearby wooded area, according to PCSO.


The family thanked the deputies for their help.