BROOKSVILLE, Fla. (970 WFLA) – A new tool from the Florida Forest Service allows you to see where all active wildfires are around the state of Florida.

The Florida Forest Service's Fire Management Information Systems (FMIS) Internet Mapping Tool provides up to date information for the public on forest/brush fires in Florida. In addition to seeing wildfires,  you can also see where all open burn authorizations are or are planned to be on any particular day, and other incidents that the Florida Forest Service has responsibility for resolving. The data is real time. The map will update as incidents occur, so it is very likely that the map at 8:00 AM will be very different from the map at 10:00 AM.

Users are able to see the entire state or choose our district from the drop down menu on the left tab. Users click, location, choose WithlacoocheeForestryCenter then, choose district. Authorizations will show up as gray push pins and wildfires will show up as a red fire symbol.  This will help you identify an authorization from a wildfire. 

CLICK HERE to see the map

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